There are 3 simple steps to a better home buying experience:

1 – Get your pre-approval letter. 

Your pre-approval letter says you have good creditworthiness and the ability to get the home loan, and gives a definitive amount of what the lender is willing to lend for the purchase of a home. Going through the pre-approval process also gives an idea of the interest rate you may be charged when you close on the house of your choice.

2 – Work with a licensed real estate consultant. 

Someone who will focus on your wants and needs. Be sure to get a copy of your pre-approval letter to your agent so when you choose the home you can tell the seller, you have given the bank everything they want. Once the house appraises and the title clears you are good to close. This is when the seller gets paid and you get the keys. 

In the market, we are in having a strong pre-approval and a realtor who is great at finding homes, and a strong negotiator 

3 – The only way to stay a step ahead is to engage a human factor even though, most people say the technology age is based on doing it yourself. However, technology is changing so fast in the real estate market, that is the best shortcut to finding your home.

Step one get pre-approved.

Step two let us connect you with a strong agent in your area.

Step three have a mindset of, I will find the right home today. Now you can make a confident offer with a real estate consultant who will negotiate on your behalf to get you the right price and terms because you are not just a dollar sign but a face and a family they can relate to. 

We want to get you in the home sooner than later. The prices are going up. Rates are pretty good. There are lots of programs let’s find the right ones for you. Mistakes are not the best teacher, education is always the best teacher. 

Contact us today the consultations are FREE, very informative more importantly CONFIDENTIAL!

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