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I have been in real estate all my life I grew up involved in the family real estate business since I was in pampers. I also managed the rental division of the family real estate business when I was 16. This gave me the experience to help the people that came across my path. I have also worked with numerous mortgage banks such as: 1st capitol, vanguard funding, triumph funding and alliance just to name a few. Then I went on to fix and flip countless properties. Then when the market reset and the country faced a recession in 2008 (in which we have survived) I started consulting consumers giving them the blueprint to get to the closing table in a timely fashion. So again, thank you in advance because we look forward to helping you too!



The desire started for me when I realized what growing up in a house my family owned actually meant. My goal has been to furnish other families and young couples with the same opportunity I had and have today, Its an experience that most don’t accumulate in a lifetime. This gives me the edge in helping consumers others can’t work with. The TEAM of Edified Professional Wise Top Producing Preferred Experts in this field is what make us bring your homeownership dream and desire to a reality. It also helps us make your real estate issues a thing of the past because we create solutions.


We are looking to educate the community nationwide as we take away the anxiety of purchasing a home buying fixing flipping and or holding investment properties as well as jump starting others whom are looking to get in the real estate business for the first time. Connect with my team TODAY, believe we are here to help you Not Sell You. Each one teaches one and we are looking to service the masses one family at a time. Helping others win fuels our goal driven practice!

MORE INFO: Text Mobile Number (404)997-0279 And Or Email anthony@realestateispower.com For All Inquiries And Or Question, We Look Forward To Hearing About Your Desired Real Estate Transaction And Or Issue That Needs To Be Resolved Today… And Don’t Forget We Buy Houses & Land CASH Any Condition Nationwide, Let Us Be The Phone Call Or Email That Puts A Smile On Your Face Today.

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